With a great eye and talent to match, his photographs have graced the pages of local magazines. Behind the camera and on the ice rink, Ronan Capili, still has a lot more up his creative sleeve and with his new book coming out we’re pretty certain that it would be nothing short of amazing.

We chatted with him and learned a lot more about his inspirations and what keeps him going.


CREATIVE COMMUNE: How would you define your aesthetic?

RONAN CAPILI: Mixed. I don’t want to have just one style. I love that I am flexible enough to cater to anyone and also use that flexibility in expressing myself.

CC: Growing up, what influenced you into photography?
RC: Saturday morning cartoons, comic books & boxes of toys. I wanted to recreate what I saw on them.
CC:Would you say that you have a signature kind of storytelling when you take photographs? How do you tell your stories?
RC: Personally I like them subtle and symbolic.
CC: You are also a professional ice skater. How does that discipline factor into your overall creative process? What are the things that you learn in ice skating that you apply when working behind the camera?
RC: I have to think on my feet & adjust immediately to my surroundings which sometimes set limitations. Also, there is no time to dwell on failed attempts, you move on quickly because time is wasting away.
CC: Who are your creative heroes? If you could have dinner with any of them, who would you most likely choose?
RC: I don’t have any. It will box me if I were to be an avid fan of anyone. I take inspiration from everywhere but never stay glued to just one source. I have let go of pegs on my 2nd year of photography because I want to create, not replicate.
CC: Finally, in this age of social media and rapid content sharing, how do you think can a creative type stand out in a sea of information and online noise?
RC: Be consistent. In work quality & professionalism. Having stunning photos online wont matter if you can’t keep your name clean from issues. 
Head on to his Instagram and Facebook page to check out his stunning photographs and learn more about his upcoming book here.

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